Welcome Rambler

Rambler has hit the jackpot, thanks to the efforts of Karen Barnes and her relentless combing of the Los Angeles Shelters.

Rambler was picked up as a stray in Los Angeles, and his owner was located via a microchip.  The owner came to the shelter, saw him, and then left saying he did not want him.

So Rambler is our newest Thulani Program dog.  Rambler is a wonderful, gentle soul that likes dogs, likes people, likes cats, and is a worldclass leaner.  He takes treats gently, rides well in the car, is a bit wobbly in his rear end but really likes to motor along on his walks.

The picture is of Rambler and Karen, the woman who saved him and brought him to us.

He is a level 1 dog that will live out his life in style as part of our Thulani Program.

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  1. This is one very sweet boy

  2. Hi Bob Jachens. I received your thank you note today (and thank you for sending it!) and wanted to let you know that I will continue to support the Thulani Program. I too am a volunteer and supporter of a German Shepherd rescue in San Diego — Coastal GSR — and truly appreciate all the work others do to help with the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of these intelligent and loving dogs. Just wanted to let you know too that there is a typo in the link to your website at the top of the letterhead. It reads “www.grsnc.org” rather than “www.gsrnc.org.” The incorrect link takes you to a organization that specializes in firearm rights! Anyway, keep up the great work up in Northern California, and we will do the same in Southern California. Take care, Christine

  3. Hi Christine,

    Thanks for the reply, and thanks for catching the typo in the letterhead. That is really embarrassing. I’ve corrected it, but one of my co-volunteers has just indicated that he now understands my true agenda–sigh.

    It is great that you are working with Coastal GSR. If you guys run into a Thulani Program candidate and can’t accommodate it within your program, please contact me and we will see what we can do. The loose criteria are that the dog must be a GSD, must have no dangerous behavioral characteristics, and that it have an expected lifespan measured in months, up to perhaps a year.

    Thanks for your support and for the work you do saving GSDs.

    Bob Jachens

    • Thanks again, Bob. I will pass on the Thulani Program information to the head of Coastal and we will keep you in mind. We are extremely fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers who never cease to amaze me in their generosity of time of money when it comes to older dogs in need. It’s great to be on the same page.


  4. Hey Bob … when you have a chance, would you e-mail me separately (I think you should have access to my e-mail through this blog, as I would rather not post it pubically). I have some questions regarding your process when it comes to dog intake into the program. Thanks so much. Christine

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