Xena Farewell

If there ever was a dog for which the word ‘twinkle’ was invented, it was our Thulani girl Xena.  She always had a twinkle in her eye, a twinkle in her smile, a twinkle in her walk, she was just a twinkle.  She loved everyone—humans, dogs–everyone was either a friend she knew or a friend she just hadn’t met yet.  She loved to ‘chase’ sticks and balls, moving with all the speed and determination her age would allow.

Five months ago, Xena lost her home, which is tough for any dog, but especially so for a 13 year old dog.  The day before she was to be euthanized, the Thulani Program in the person of Kelly Butler stepped up to offer her a fantastic home with resident senior dog Maddie for whatever time she had left.  We took Kelly up on her very generous and heartfelt offer and I delivered Xena to Kelly.  As Kelly and I were filling out paperwork and looking over Xena’s new home to see what I needed to provide, Xena pushed open the front screen door, wandered out to the street, and flagged down a car.  When we got out there, Xena was negotiating a ride to the hills so she could go exploring.

Xena quickly moved in and set up court at Kelly’s house. She was smart as a whip and figured everything out instantly and then explained it to Maddie.  She loved her walks and would forge ahead of Maddie, but then always stopped and waited for her.  She could never resist a stick or ball or anything that resembled either.  She would bring you any old thing she found in the yard to throw for her.  Xena was always the cheerful center of well deserved attention.  Her constant doggie smile will be dearly missed.

Xena had a great five months with Kelly and Maddie, but age finally caught up with her.  Xena is now waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for Kelly, Antonia, and Carrie (the woman who alerted us to Antonia’s search for a home for Xena), and will wait there patiently to be reunited so they can all cross the bridge together.

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  1. Thanks to all who helped her have such a great last chapter. Sounds like she was a magnificent dog : )

  2. Lucky dog. This video makes me tearful, then sad, then happy……

  3. I’ve know Kelly for over 40 years and I had the pleasure of spending time with Xena and Maddie not too long ago. Xena was spoilt, happy and loved – no dog could have had a better home. When I hear that Kelly has opened her heart to another old soul, I smile for a whole day. People that do this make the world a better place for all living things.

  4. Thank for your comment about foster mom extraordinaire, Kelly. It just reinforces what we have known all along. She is one of those very special people that can take a dog like Xena into her home and heart, knowing fll well that heartbreak will soon follow. But becaue of Kelly, Xena probably had the best five months of her life.

    We all have our fingers and paws crossed that kelly will continue to work with the Thulani Program and its wonderful dogs.


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