Woolsey–A Free Spirit

Woolsey passed away this week.  He was a happy, playful, free spirit that lived a short but wonderful life with Ginger, her family, and her pack.  Please see Ginger’s tribute below.

Woolsey with Ginger

We have fostered and adopted GS’s for many years.  We have loved all of them.  However once in a lifetime we fall in love with one of them.  This was Woolsey. Perhaps part of that was because we knew his life would be short.   We guessed about a year.   He had a heart condition that would need a transplant to survive.  He lasted 15 wonderful months when heart failure took it’s toll.   Finally, he could no longer breath.   He was put to sleep in my arms on Sat evening.  We miss him so much, and will never forget his kind, loving, playful, and puppy personality to the end.


Woolsey and Sister Kaitlyn

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  1. annhetherton

    Ginger and Family,
    Thank you so much for giving Woolsey the love and devotion every dog dreams of. He was obviously loved and cared for and in the best home possible.
    Ann Hetherton

  2. Karen Barnes

    What a wonderful life Woolsey must have enjoyed. Even though it was short, it was meaningful. Thank goodness for the Thulani Program!

  3. Jancy Thompson-Walker


    Thank you for taking Woolsey into your family and most importantly into your heart. 🙂 I was able to know Woolsey from birth until he went to live in his forever home with you and he was always a “free spirit” without a care in the world and oh how he loved the water. Thank you again for loving Woolsey and giving him the best life possible….without your love he probably wouldn’t have made it this far.

    Jancy Thompson-Walker

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