Today We Said Goodbye to George

George passed to the Rainbow Bridge today to await Brigitte and Bill.  George was a dog that was meant to bring joy to every creature that he encountered.  You just could not be anywhere near him without petting him.  Please read the following moving tribute to George from his foster mom Brigitte.  Thank you so much Brigitte and Bill.




George, Brigitte, and Sable

After several weeks of ups and downs George told us early this morning with a sad face and labored breathing that he could not stay with us any longer, because he was just too sick. It broke our heart to think that the end had probably arrived. George was by far the gentlest dog I have ever met. He loved everyone and everything and he never let anyone get away without petting him and once they did he would not let them stop.  George came to our house in January, he could barely walk due to his weight and he was covered in urine and feces, but under all that was an exceptionally sweet, sweet dog who would change our life forever with his kind and gentle way. We often asked him why he did not come sooner when he was younger, we would have had more time to care for him and love him.  But this was not meant to be, we were very fortunate to have had him for the nine months we did.

Bill, with George and Sable

Thank you Karen for helping him when you were his only hope, I could never repay you for the joy he brought to us. Bob, thanks for bringing him to us that January day I didn’t realize at the time how special he would become.

I’ve attached a few pictures from happier times.




George with his girlfriend Sable

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  1. George looks so content at home with Brigitte, Bill and Sable. Thank you for giving George a safe and happy 9 months.

  2. Thank you Brigitte and Bill, for loving George, my first Thulani dog. When I saw him at the shelter, he couldn’t even stand. He told me with his eyes that he had given up. “No one wants me,” he said. But, when we got to Bob’s and he waddled over to give Bob a bunch of kisses, I knew he’d be ok. Nonetheless, I cried all the way home. Hearing of his amazing transformation from a neglected, overweight old dog to a beautiful, loving family member made me convinced that the Thulani Program is crucial. The plight of the discarded senior GSs in our shelter system is horrendous. I used to have to turn my back and not even make eye contact with a dog like George. Now, I can embrace them and proudly say “yes” to the shelter staff when they ask “you’re going to take THAT dog??” Goodbye, happy George. I’ll never forget you…

  3. Just as his presence changed all of you surely the kindness poured out for George has made the world a better place- thanks to all involved. It was a gift just to read the tributes…

  4. Thank you Brigitte and Bill for loving George. I know he is running free with my Kassidy today. Both came into the program and left this world at the same time. I think it was meant for them to be together.

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