Handsome Red Max T.

Red_Max_Sally_5552Red Max T. barely escaped the Santa Maria shelter where he was scheduled to be PTS.  But A/C volunteers got there with a day to spare and rescued him for our Thulani Program.  His extraordinary good looks, his happy smile, his gentle personality, and his senior status won over the volunteers, as they will anyone who comes in contact with him.  He has some wonderful months ahead of him, and the Thulani Program volunteers will be the ones to benefit from him joining us.  To learn more about Red Max T, go to   http://thulanidogs.org/dog-tales/current-dogs/red-max-t/

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    A big dog that loves life, escapes an animal shelter where he was on track to be killed. But two SPCA women rescued him for Thulani Program. Please read and go see Red Max’s dog rescue story and photograph.

    Do one kind or loving act a day. You can change the world, one step at a time.

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