A Few Words For Our Thulani Dog Rambler (Grandpa)

Rambler’s time had run out at a Los Angeles Shelter, but Mike and Amy stepped forward and gave him a fabulous final year, with lots of love and life on the ranch with his fur-buddies.  Below is Mike and Amy’s farewell to their special boy.

Rambler T. and his favorite ball

Rambler T. and his favorite ball

A few words for our Thulani dog Rambler.  We are very sad to say that we had to say good-bye to him on Valentine’s Day.  He was no longer able to stand or walk; his old body had finally given out. We are very grateful for the year we were able to have him as part of our family and hope we gave him a better life than he had when he was found, he certainly deserved it.  He was  sweet, gentle and silly and sometimes mischievous.  He taught us about appreciating things while you have them because we knew our time with him was going to be brief.  

Rambler T. and Beowulf, enjoying the ranch life

Rambler T. and Beowulf, enjoying the ranch life

We were very hesitant at first when Bob asked us to foster him because we knew this difficult time would come all too quickly.  But now we feel it was so worth it so he could live a little longer, happier life.  Every day we’ll miss his gentle eyes,  funny crooked walk and the little sounds he made when he wanted a cookie,  we were lucky to have him.  It was an honor to have been given the opportunity to care for one of these most special German Shepherds.

Mike and Amy

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  1. Michele Kuslits

    Thank You Mike and Amy for opening your hearts and your home to Rambler and for making his final year on this earth the best ever!! I know how difficult it is to say Goodbye, as our beloved boy came to the point with DM that he could no longer walk or even get up & we had to help him cross over the bridge; it was a very difficult time for us and we still miss our boy!!!!. What the two of you did for Rambler is such a wonderful gift!! Thank You for loving this boy and giving him the Love & Care he so greatly deserved. He is now running free and will surely be there to greet you with lots of love and kisses when the time comes. On Valentine’s Day, you said goodbye to Rambler; whereas on Valentine’s Day, we rescued a German Shepherd we named Jenny who had been abandoned at our local animal pound. As we say goodbye to one, we open our hearts and our homes to save another. Thank You again for all you do for the animals and please accept our most deepest sympathies for your loss.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful to know that even though your dog may have had a rough life before you, it was YOU who gave him whatever time he had left and he passed happy and at peace? That’s what makes taking senior dogs so important for me. I can’t change their past, but I CAN fill their lives with affection and love in the time they have left…
    Andrea G

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