Jayne T.: A Rough Start But An Incredible Finish

Jayne T. was born in a junkyard in Hunter’s Point, and given to a passerby when she was just a few months old.  Not only did she have a rough start, but she had a heart condition that was described by a vet as sounding like an old washing machine out of balance.  But Jayne (formerly Janie T.) is a fighter and she never gave up.   The Thulani Program took her in, and found her the most incredible forever foster home any dog could wish for.  Read about Jayne’s wonderful life below, in the words of her foster mom, Susan.


Sarah and Jayne

Sarah and Jayne

It was a cold and cloudy Saturday when my daughter, Sarah, and I went to the GSRNC event in Redwood City. We were looking for another German Shepherd to be a pal for our 7 year-old male Shepherd, Rex.  As we looked at the dogs there, Sarah kept pointing to a skinny female who was on a leash with Ginger.  Sarah was mesmerized by her big brown eyes.  Of course, my thirteen-old couldn’t help herself and started  a conversation with Ginger.  Before long, we were talking with Bob about Jayne and her heart condition.  When Sarah found out Jayne was going to have to go back to a kennel, Sarah said no way, we are going to foster her.  Sarah didn’t care if she had a heart condition, she just wanted to be her foster mom and love her.

Susan and Jayne

Susan and Jayne

That afternoon, Bob brought Jayne to our home and she met Rex.  It was love at first sight.  Sarah knew from the start that Jayne might not live as long as our other shepherds had but that didn’t matter.  Sarah said that it didn’t matter if it was two days, two weeks, two months or two years, at least Jayne would be loved and have a good home.

Sarah, Jayne, and Cole

Sarah, Jayne, and Cole

A few weeks later, we made it official and adopted Jayne.  Sarah just couldn’t stand the thought of someone taking her away from us.  Jayne has been thriving in our home the last two months.  Her days are spent playing with Rex and going for walks.  On the weekends, Jayne has decided that I need to be awake at 5:30 a.m. She comes bounding down the hallway and jumps into bed and begins to lick me until I get up.  Cole has nicknamed her JTF for Jayne the Fighter and he has a new reading buddy.  Watching Cole and Jayne play in the backyard is amazing.  They play tag and she waits for him if she gets too far ahead of him.  The bond between Sarah and Jayne is special.  Jayne will sit by Sarah while Sarah is doing homework just waiting for her to finish so they can play.

Jayne and Rex

Jayne and Rex

Rex, our male shepherd, has learned to be on the lookout for Jayne’s sneak attacks as well as the stolen toy ploy.  These two dogs get along so well and they provide the whole family with an afternoon of entertainment when they are playing.  We know that her heart condition means she has limitations, yet we love her dearly. Thank you Bob and GSRNC for saving Jayne and allowing us to be a part of her life.

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  1. Bob and I had Jayne T for her first months in Rescue, until she got old enough that she was beating up on our little golden. She went to live with Ginger, but she beat up Ginger’s little female, too, so she needed a new home with a male dog that would put up with her and with people who understood that her heart condition meant that her life span was not going to be as long as it should have been. I am so glad that Susan and her family came along to love her. She is a special pup that I miss having around the house. Smart as could be, sweet as sugar, and so lively you’d have to know what you were looking for to know there is a heart condition to be coped with. Thank you, Susan, Sarah, Cole and Rex, for loving our little girl.

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