Gabe T.

CBG T., on his way out of the shelter

CBG T., on his way out of the shelter

CBG T. (no I don’t know what his name means either) has just been rescued by Karen from the LA Co Downey Shelter.   He is a sweet old boy who has been badly neglected but doesn’t hold a grudge.  CGB is about 12 years old and in need of a lot of tender care and attention.  His former owners let him get into very bad condition, especially his skin and coat, but we have treated similar cases, most recently see     .  We will make the rest of his life the best we cane.

CBG skin problems

CBG skin problems

We still do not know a lot about CBG other than he needs medical attention, but we will post more as we learn about this great dog.  As with all Thulani Program dogs, we will take care of him for the rest of his life, making sure that he has all the things he needs to have a quality life from here on.  We will take care of his skin condition and find him a permanent foster home in which to live out his life.  If you are interested in helping CBG, please go to     and follow the links to the donation page.  If you are possibly interested in being a permanent foster home for CBG, please contact Bob at

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  1. Looking forward to see CBS’s “after” photos. After love, care, food and lots of tlc.

  2. My husband and I met Gabe as we got Sigmund. Gabe was a really sweet boy and very friendly – if we had not gotten Sigmund we would have been very happy to have Gabe as he really impressed us with his spirit. So glad to see how improved he is now, such a beautiful boy with his outside now almost as beautiful as his spirit.

    Jim and Colby – Sigmund’s forever parents.

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