Sigmund T.: Why Are You With Us?

Sigmund T.

Sigmund T.

Sigmund T. just came into the Thulani Program, capping a remarkable first quarter of the year.  If present trends continue, it appears that the Thulani Program will expand by 30%-60% over last year in terms of the number of dogs helped.  We are sad that there are so many Thulani-type dogs in need, but we are glad that we are in a position to help them.

Sigmund T. is a bit of an anomaly compared to most Thulani dogs, for the following reasons:
1.  Although picked up as a stray, he has been well cared for
2.  He had been neutered
3.  He had obedience training
4.  He is a loving, gentle dog
5.  He had been microchipped

Yet when contacted, his owners did not come to reclaim him.  All I can say is that their loss is our gain.

Sigmund T. and Karen

Sigmund T. and Karen

Sigmund T. is a happy, loving guy who is at ease with people and dogs.  He may even be good with cats.

He is house trained, crate trained, loves to go for short walks, loves to ride in cars, and loves to be with his people.  And he is very handsome.

Sigmund T.

Sigmund T.

We already have people asking to be allowed to provide him with a forever foster home.

So although the reasons for Sigmund being with us may never be known, what we do know is that the rest of his life will be as good as we can make it.

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  1. Dear Bob:

    If Sigmund has not yet found a “forever home”, I would love to take him into mine. He is precisely what my aunt was hoping we’d get a “German Shepherd” that actually LOOKED like one. As you know, as far as I am concerned, any senior dog is fine with me. Sigmund is one my aunt would go nuts over and actually help me “retrain” him to the ways of our home. The nearly unconditional love would finally come from both of us, rather than just myself. My aunt “took care” of Shadow if for some reason I had to go somewhere without him but she basically said he’d mope on the couch until I got back. With Sigmund, I believe his beauty would knock her socks off and Sig would be spoiled rotten from two quarters rather than just one. I would love to take Sigmund if he’s still available. Please, let me know and if he has already found his “forever home”, I’m still on the look out for a senior dog, as you well know. Thanks, Andrea G. Smith River

    wanna se my picture?


  2. I am now the lucky Mom of Sigmund and he is in his forever home and adjusting well. He has a weak back – suspect DM – but that is OK by him as his favourite thing to do is lay by my or my husband’s side 🙂

    He is truly a sweet boy and very gentle, just can’t understand him being left. As I type this he is at my side asking only to be with his people. Thanks God for this program or he might have died alone in a shelter shaking like a leaf with fear.

  3. Dear Colby and Jim, thanks so much for taking this sweet boy into your home and you hearts. He deserves the best and I know you will give it to him. I look forward to the day that he is comfortable enough to ask you to take him to the beach. Best, Bob

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