Our Girl Misty–Thank You

Misty and Ziggy

Misty and Ziggy


Mike and Misty

We got Misty in July of 2011, along with Ziggy. They came to us while still in Hollister from Visalia. The owner of both could no longer keep them as he was facing medical issues that would make it physically impossible for him to care for the dogs. They were at the time almost 12 (Misty) and 11 (Ziggy).

Even though the two dogs came in together it was quite apparent that Misty was the stronger of the two, and Ziggy was quite dependent on her. It took several months for both dogs to come out of their shells from being displaced. Misty took on the role of “Grandma Misty” to many of the dogs we fostered, some client dogs, and even some of our personal dogs. She was quick to teach them manners and what was or was not acceptable. She was very social with dogs, cats and all people.

When Ziggy died, we worried that Misty might become depressed. This was not at all the case…she actually seemed to be relieved from caring for Ziggy, and was very active. She loved spending her days in Hollister running in the back yard, laying in the shade of the palm trees, and dipping herself in the shallow end of the pool. It was definitely the “retirement home” that she loved. Her favorite game was to run after the dogs playing fetch and bark at them, keeping the “youngsters” in line as a good grandma will do. She had no interest in the ball itself, just running with the pack and making herself heard. Her best friend at that time became “Lexa” who she would torment daily while Lexa paced around with the ball and Misty would follow the entire time.

When we moved to Gilroy, Misty did not seem displaced at all during this move. We knew then that we had become her family and that she felt safe and secure with us. She loved Gracie (our GSD female who is 18 months old now) and would howl when they were separated. Misty received lots of love and attention between the kids, Gracie and the other dogs, and of course Jancy and myself. There were several times that we thought the end was nearing for Misty and I called Bob J. to discuss her physical condition. Each time this happened the following day she was the opposite of whatever I had described. That was Misty…she would go on her terms, and her terms only. She enjoyed riding in the car, going to the park, and had now found a new patch of grass to hang out on (even though there was no pool).



Over the past few weeks Misty began to have more and more physical difficulty and discomfort doing basic things like walking around, standing up and getting up off her bed. It became clear that even though she was eating well, had energy, and was clear eyed and minded….. her body was at its limit. After all, she was now around 14 years old.

This morning she arrived over the bridge and was no doubt met by Ziggy, Lexa, and others she met while with us. She is now pain free and able to show off that energy that she had until the end.

Michael Walker

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  1. She found her perfect home with you. You gave her love and a purpose. And you allowed her to care for her brother. She is looking down at you now and smiling.

  2. Thank you Mike and Jancy for taking such good care of a beautiful lady.

  3. Mike and Jancy, thanks again for taking care of Misty (and Ziggy). Without the Thulani Program they would have had a very short life at the shelter after their previous owner could no longer take care of them. Its so great that you were willing to take the both of them on, even though I remember it was a little touch and go at the start. Its nice to read this story of Misty’s last days and to know what a good time she had with you up until the very end.

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