Pancho T. Came With A Big Smile

Pancho T., with Bob for scale

Pancho T., with Bob for scale

And everything else about him is big too.  Pancho was an owner surrender to the Downey Shelter in southern California, turned in by a distraught family who could no longer care for him.  They probably thought he did not have a chance becquse he is 11 years old, but the relentless Karen Barnes was there  to snatch him up before anything bad could happen.  And he is safely in the Bay area, waiting to find his forever home.

In the inimitable words of John Madden, Pancho tips the Toledos at 117 lbs.  And he wants to be very close to you.  Ever have 117 lbs of dog circling you tightly, to the point where you can’t walk.  Well, Pancho will show you.  And when he steps on your foot, and then leans against you, just yell ‘timber”.

What is that thing?

What is that thing?

When I first took Pancho out of his run to let him run free in the backyard, I was very careful to leash him so he did not get away.  No worries, after a couple of minutes I took him off the leash and he stayed so close that I could not even get far enough away from him to get a decent picture.

Pancho T

Pancho T

Pancho has a bit of a problem with one hip, and we will be learning more about that shortly.  Other than that, he is in fine shape, and very handsome.  But the hip issue will dictate that his forever home have at most one or possibly two stairs in the area in which he will spend his time.  He is not a boy you will want to carry up the stairs, trust me.

So welcome Pancho T.  The Thulani Program will take care of you.

5/13/13–Update on Pancho T.

Pancho had his medical exam and we learned some very important things about him.  First, he does not have a hip problem, but rather a knee problem which is repairable.  He has now undergone successful knee surgery at Adobe Animal Hospital, and he is rehabing nicely in Aromas.  He will be ready to go to his forever home shortly

Perhaps even more importantly, we learned what a terrific temperament he has.  In order to X-Ray him, two people picked up his 120 lbs and wrestled him onto the X-Ray table.  I had told them that I thought he was a terrific dog, but I did not know him well enough yet, and asked them to put a muzzle on him to ensure everyone’s safety.  Well, they ignored me and they held him down while he struggled mightily as they twisted and turned him to get the right shots.  Through it all, he made absolutely no aggressive moves, even though at one point I could see the Vet’s nose no more that a couple of inches from Pancho’s mouth.  What a super dog with a super temperament.

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  1. Pancho (aka Mongo) is the largest Shepherd I have ever met. It took 3 strong people to load him into my SUV! He is a lovely & handsome gentleman. So glad we are able to help him.

  2. Welcome Pancho. You are gorgeous and we will take extra care of you.

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