Georgia (T.) On Our Minds

Georgia T. relaxing

Georgia T. relaxing

Georgia T came to us from the City of Los Angeles North Central Shelter where she had been taken (very reluctantly) by her foster mom, after the foster mom’s landlord demanded that she get rid of Georgia.  Georgia had been found lying next to her deceased owner in their apartment.  While alive, her owner regularly took her to coffee shops and out in public, where she was the hit of the neighborhood. The people who found her tried desperately to find her a home but failed, surrendering her to the shelter, but not giving up the search.

They found Karen, our Thulani representative in LA and after an evaluation, we took Georgia into the Thulani Program

Karen, Georgia T., and Dahlia T.

Karen, Georgia T., and Dahlia T.

Georgia is about 10 years old, although that is very much a guess, well trained, loves people, and is great with dogs, male and female (see one of the pictures with Karen, Georgia, and Dahlia).  She walks well on lead and rides well in the car.

Georgia T. has a severe ear infection but otherwise seems healthy.  We will find out more after she has been to our vet.

Georgia T., smiling

Georgia T., smiling

Georgia T. is a Thulani Program dog (see and is looking for a forever home.  Being a Thulani Program dog, the program will cover all costs for the rest of her life.  If you are interested in providing Georgia T. her final home, please contact Bob at

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