Betsy T. The Beautiful Little Girl

Betsy T. came into the City of Los Angeles East Valley Shelter as a stray, and was described as an ugly but lovely dog.  I DISAGREE STRENUOUSLY WITH THE UGLY comment, but she is a lovely dog.  I think she is very cute!!

Beautiful Betsy T.

Beautiful Betsy T.

Betsy had mammary tumors when she came into the shelter, one the size of a medium orange. The shelter vet removed the tumors and X-Rayed her lungs, which are clear.  So Betsy may be one of the lucky ones, but because we do not know whether the cancer metastasized to other places, we took her into the Thulani Program.

The shelter guessed her age at 4 yeas 6 months, but we believe she is a few years older.

Betsy is a petite German Shepherd mix, weighing about 50 lbs, and is energetic.  She is a bit shy on first meeting, but that evaporates in a few minutes.  Then she wants to crawl into your lap.

Karen and Betsy

Karen and Betsy

Betsy get along very well with other dogs, having run freely with a couple of big GSDs, loves to ride in the car, loves to go for walks, and loves her people.  She will make the perfect watch dog in that she alarm barks when strangers approach her house, but then greets them in a friendly fashion when assured that they ‘are OK’.

Betsy T.

Betsy T.

Other than the possibility of metastatic cancer, Betsy is healthy and energetic.  She will provide lots of love and entertainment to her family.

Betsy T. is a Thulani Program dog (see and is looking for a forever foster home.  Being a Thulani Program dog, the program will cover all costs for the rest of her life.  If you are interested in providing Betsy T. her final home, please contact Bob at

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