Sweet Dahlia

Dahlia T

Dahlia T

Dahlia was an owner surrender to the City of Los Angeles South Central Shelter, but we don’t know why.  She is reported to be 12 years old, but looks younger.  She is a love, lovable girl who just wants to snuggle.

Dahlia drying off

Dahlia drying off

Karen Barnes pulled her from the shelter and brought her to her home in preparation for a trip north to the home of the Thulani Program.  During the few minutes Karen was busy with another Thulani dog, Dahlia decided to go for a swim—in the deep end.  Esther Williams or Susan Preston she ain’t.  In obvious distress and not able to swim over to Karen, Karen dove into the pool to help her out.  One problem, Karen forgot to leave her cell phone behind.  One thing I will say about Karen, she is dedicated to the dogs—speechless but dedicated.

Dahlia is a sweet, gentle soul, wanting people attention, snuggles, loving, and hugs.  She does great with other dogs, rides well in the car, loves to go for walks, and is generally a laid-back companion.

Dahlia has a couple of wounds on her face, and has kennel cough.  We are treating both and she should be a healthy senior in no time at all.

Karen, Georgia, Dahlia T.

Karen, Georgia, Dahlia T.

Dahlia T. is a Thulani Program dog (see thulanidogs.org) and is looking for a forever foster home.  Being a Thulani Program dog, the program will cover all costs for the rest of her life.  If you are interested in providing Dahlia T. her final home, please contact Bob at  thulanidogs@gsrnc.org


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