Thulani Get-together in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Thulani Gathering 2013

Thulani Gathering 2013

Last Sunday, dogs and volunteers of the Thulani Program gathered at Joan Hoover and Jim Rabjohn’s fantastic home in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Current and former Thulani dogs Angel de San Martin, Red Max, Katsu, Baby, Stella, Traylor (now Sherman), Mr Magoo, Halo, Martino, and Avalanche along with more than 20 Thulani Program fosterers, volunteers, and supporters were hosted by Thulani dog Holly for an afternoon of simulating conversation, wonderful company, great food and drink, and relaxation under the trees.  And all of this was embedded in a Rescue Reunion that highlighted what seemed like more than 50 German Shepherds and German Shepherd wannabes all romping and interacting freely.  You really have to be there to appreciate what a remarkable scene this is.


My personal dog Kobuk came home physically and mentally exhausted.  When his brother tried to engage him in the usual evening rough-house, Kobuk just ambled away, seemingly saying—“come see me tomorrow”.


Thank you Joan and Jim for a fantastic afternoon

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  1. Isabella Miram

    Just wonderful and compassionate beings …

  2. I love this banner =)

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