Tricia T.: Another Dog Saved by Cindy Harms

Tricia with her favorite rope toy

Tricia with her favorite rope toy

Tricia T. is a sweet, gentle and friendly 6-7 year old female GSD that was dumped in Orange Cove, and rescued by a good Samaritan.  This lady kept her for three weeks, cared for her, looked for her owners, and finally let her join our Thulani Program (against the advice of some of her neighbors who suggested that she take Tricia next door and shoot her)

Tricia T. likes women, men, teenagers (no accounting for taste), other dogs, and CATS.  She loves to play ball and to interact with her people.  She likes to run with the rest of my pack when they chase the vultures flying overhead.

Tricia has some impaired vision resulting from congenital cataracts, a condition that she likely has had since birth.  Although visually impaired, her condition will not get any worse, so she will just bump into a few things as she walks around.  Interestingly, her distance vision seems to be better than her near-field vision.  Other than that, and the need for some dental work which we will take care of, she is in good physical shape.  She does have the onset of a mild arthritis, but don’t we all.  No meds needed.

Tricia and Gretzky

Tricia and Gretzky

Tricia T. was brought into our Thulani Program, but with her good medical evaluation, she likely will be put up for adoption through our regular adoption program  If you are interested in learning more about Tricia T. please contact Bob at


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