Jayne: World Class Defender

Jayne today

Jayne today

The last time we saw Jayne (AKA Thulani dog Janie T.), she was settling into her new home, and was having a great time playing with the Preston family and with her fur brother Rex.

Well, now, she has revealed a new talent—soccer defender.

Please let me explain.

Susan and her family are hosting some professional soccer coaches from Holland.  While they were working with Sarah and Cole Preston on soccer skills, everyone noticed that Jayne had some unusual focus and talents.  No one was going to get a soccer ball past her and get close enough to the goal to even think about scoring.  Enjoy the pics attached.

It is rumored that Jayne will be offered a contract to play in Europe—unconfirmed, but if you look at these pics, it seems logical.

Do you want her on your team?

Do you want her on your team?

OK, do something with the ball!!

OK, do something with the ball!!

that's better

that’s better

So that is a throw-in?

So that is a throw-in?

come and get it!!

come and get it!!

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  1. No one would ever know she has a heart condition. And she has become an amazingly beautiful adult. I’m so happy that the pushy, loving little pup that I fostered for so many months has a wonderful family who loves her and enjoys her many talents.

  2. We are so lucky to have her. She is just a love and so much fun! Thanks for being a part of her life when she was a puppy!

  3. I had a GS that loved playing soccer and was really great at it so I do understand Jayne’s ability and love of the game. As Jayne’s manager I know you will get the best deal possible 🙂


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