Ashton T: Not Quite As Dignified As His Name Might Suggest

Ashton T

Ashton T

This handsome boy Ashton T. came into the Mendocino County Animal Services shelter in Ukiah as a skinny stray.  But full of life!!  Unfortunately, during his medical evaluation, they found him to be heartworm-positive, and to have serious kidney disease.  So the Thulani Program stepped in.  With the invaluable help of the shelter director and a volunteer, Ashton was transported to the San Francisco Bay area, and transferred to the Thulani Program of GSRNC.

A week later Ashton is still very active and playful.  He bounces around almost non-stop whenever his people are in the vicinity.  He doesn’t just run, he gallops.  He is happy to meet other dogs, but is a little awkward in his approach—he just needs a bit more socialization.  And he really likes to jump up on people–we are working on that and he is learning quickly
Surveying his domain

Surveying his domain

At the moment Ashton is being treated for the heartworm (luckily he does not have a very heavy load) and is on a special diet for his kidney problems.  The shelter described him as a ‘picky’ eater, but he loves his new diet.  Definitely a member of the clean plate club every meal.

Ashton_T_10176 Ashton is part of the Thulani Hospice Program which means we will find him a permanent home and the Thulani Program will pay all of his expenses for the rest of his life.  If you might be interested in helping Ashton live out a quality life or even providing him a loving home for whatever time he will give us, please contact Bob at

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  1. Thank you for giving this boy the opportunity to get well and to live a happy life. That is why I just absolutely adore the Thulani Program!!!! All of you folks ROCK!!! Thank You for Caring!!!

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