A Letter From Dani T.

Dear Thulani Program fans,

Dani's Crossing_small Like all dogs, I live in “the now.”  Still, I think of the uncertainties in life as I grow older.  I don’t wonder much about where my youth went.  I don’t even wonder why I have stumbled when making a leap that used to be effortless.  I just know it happens and I carry on as if it didn’t.  I don’t look back, but my Thulani foster mom saw some value in turning the clock back for me.  She wondered if I would ever be able to reclaim my health, let alone regain the beauty that once came naturally to me.  These notions set my Thulani mom and me in motion.

Dani when she came to us

Dani when she came to us

On the mend.  I used to dread walking.  I was weak and my nails dragged on the ground with every step.  Nutritious and delicious meals were served until I put on a few pounds and I regained my strength. My walks became longer and longer and my stride turned into an elegant prance. There was one small set back though.  It was the dreaded dental day.  The docs pulled nine, yes I said nine, infected teeth out.  Remind me to brush better.  O.K….. so that wasn’t so much fun but I recovered and now it doesn’t hurt anymore when I eat.

Dani on duty

Dani on duty

Getting to work.  Like most Shepherds, I love to work.  A “Help Wanted” ad at my mom’s office said they needed a “Director of Security.”  I said “Great!”  This could be right up my alley.”  Through unabashed and blatant nepotism I landed the job.  My duties: Display rugged strength; Remain watchful and alert at all times; and, defend my mom and her colleagues with courage and steadfastnessHmm….all qualities admirable in Shepherds but I wondered if as a senior canine I would still be up to the task.  I decided to go for it!  It turns out I was more than capable of doing the job at hand.  The visitors are all friendly and happy to give an old dog a scratch.  The job offers frequent naps…..a must for any senior employee, and then, there is the most challenging part of my job; training the staff and visitors where the treats are hidden.  Herding them toward the stash and giving the “Aren’t I darling?” look was the easy part. The softies give in right away. The treat goes from the hidden stash, to my trainee’s hand, and, “Voila!” …..right into my mouth.  I wag my tail to show great praise for a job well done and everyone is happy.  I love this job!

Dani & Mom_smallWhat I am Today.  My days of uncertainties have become few and far between due to the Thulani Program and the goodness of Thulani foster parents like my mom. I have a renewed enthusiasm for life.  Like always, I live in “the now” and I know what I am today.  I am grateful.  I am worthy.  I am proud.  I am a beautiful and radiant Shepherd.

Love Dani

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  1. Dani is adorable and such a strong guy. How old is he?.

  2. Dani is a she and she is 12.

  3. Dani is indeed a beautiful and radiant Shepherd.
    The Thulani Program is teaching us how to live and how to prepare.

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