Our Team

The Thulani Program management team has remained small during the ‘ramp-up’ phase of the program, with much of the infrastructure support being provided by our parent organization, German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California

Steering Committee
Bob Jachens     Coordinator
Ann Hetherton
Ginger Lev
Daya Vivek

Joan Hoover

Foster Recruitment
Ann Hetherton

Foster Support
Ginger Lev

Daya Vivek
Linda Vartanian

Our ‘front-line’ troops are our dedicated foster families

•   Jackie Athey (Mazenda)
•   Valerie and Dan Auerbach (Zane T.)
•    Colby and Jim Bibb (Euripides IV, Solo T. (AKA Otto), Sigmund T.)
•    Nicole Breuner (Angel de San Martin)
•    Jessica Briskin (Thulani)
•    Dorian Brumbaugh (Sweetie, Honey Bear)
•    Kelly Butler (Xena T., Blackie T.)
•    Sharron Daniel (Marie T., Blaze T.)
•    Brigitte and Bill Donner  (Sammi, Kiska, Mazenda, George T.)
•    Cassandra and David Draxler (Roscoe T.)
Mary and Chris Dyball (Gus (AKA Frisco T))
•    Sheila Flodberg (Angelica)
•    Andrea Gerbino (Shadow T, Gabe T.)
Michael Giosso (Hannah T.)
•    Marilyn Green (Scout Finch)
•    Ann Hetherton (Stella T.)
•    Joan Hoover and Jim Rabjohn (Holly T., Martin T.)
•    Bob and Karen Jachens (Reo, Janie T., Koby T., Halo T., Ice Princess T.)
•    JJ Jacobson (Moxie T.)
•    Diana Kravel (Dahlia (AKA Dani) T.)
•    Patty Lacy (Lady Love, Rosemary T., Rusty T., Baby T.)
•    Emily and Dave Leslie (Duke of the Great Basin)
•    Ginger Lev (Thulani, Woolsey, Katsu T., Janie T., Billie Jo T.)
Marci Littlefield (Jake T.)
•    Joan Lutz (Gatlin T., Katsu T.)
•    Amy and Mike Matteis (Rambler T.)
•    Judith May (Ol’ Red)
•    Kathy Norman (Blanca)
•    Susan Preston (Janie T.)
•    Cindy and Randy Reid (Traylor T.)
•    Karyn Sabin (Apollo T.)
•    Robert Scarlett (Darby T.)
•    Kaylee Senior (Fiona T.)
•    Pat Skora (Leeway)
•    Mary Louise Snedden (Caroline, Euripides IV, Martin T.))
•    Rob and Debbie Sudduth (California Princess, Gingy T.)
Amelia and Don Summitt (Hawkeye Sr.)
fritS and Letty Vanderlinden (Red Max T.)
•    PJ Vasconcellos (Moxie T., Pancho T., Gabe T.)
•    Suzanne and Jim Wagner (Angel de San Martin)
•    Erica and Loren Walden (Daniella T)
•    Mike Walker and Jancey Thompson (Misty V., Ziggy V.)
•    Blake and Elaine Webster (Buddy D., Pancho T.)
•    April Woods (Madura)

  1. Mary Ann Collier

    I am an owner of two rescue German Shepherds present, and owned 2 others prior to my two current fur babies. Thank you so very much for rescuing Duke the 13 year old German Shepherd handed over to South Los Angeles Animal Control. God Bless all of you and your efforts to help this magnificent breed of dog, the only breed for me! I pray my state creates an organization like yours…we need it desperately! Mary Ann

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