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Saving Holly : A Thulani Story


Hi all you Thulani supporters,


Just wanted to give you an update on some exciting news.

We will be bringing in our newest Thulani resident this coming Tuesday. Her
name is Holly and she is coming from the San Luis Obispo Animal Shelter.

She is an 11-12 yr old female that was picked up as a stray, thin,
neglected, but in relatively good and spunky shape.

The exciting news is that Denise Dipaola is going to direct the filming and
creation of a video documenting the entire process from pickup to Holly’s
arrival at the new foster home. Denise is a professional videagrapher and a
long-term member who has created a number of videos for GSRNC, including the
extremely moving one that was shown at the last Gala. And she just adopted
one of the “the three stooges” puppies.

We will begin filming on the way down to pick up Holly on Tuesday morning,
and will continue intermittently for two days.

We will keep you informed of the progress, but for now—exciting times for
the Thulani Program.

All the best,


King George


Thank you for sending the paperwork so quickly.  I decided to call him “King George I” now since he will be treated royally by you folks.  I’ve attached his shelter intake photo.  I guess they wheeled him into the shelter and the brilliant shelter people were too lazy to take him off the cart before they took his picture.  That’s what originally caught my eye.  I called my shelter friend and said “what’s with the German Shepherd on the cart?”

He didn’t have much hope.  I didn’t have much hope but I promised him I would try.  But, Bob – you came through and gave us both hope to carry on – that there is a way to help these old guys.

Every day I would think about his old bones at the shelter on the cold, hard cement.  I can rest easy knowing that from here on out, he will be warm, happy & loved.  I saw his eyes light up when he looked at Bob and gave him his paw.

Give him a big hug for me.  I’ll miss the big guy.



Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank everyone so much for all you did for Marie.  She has settled in nicely and we are to the point that Katie and Marie are allowed together freely with supervision.  So far no more than a slight warning growl.  Marie has taken over Katie’s bed and has decided that this is home.  When we went to the vet on Sunday she pawed at the back door when I tried to put her leash on as if to say “no more, I’m staying here.”  She was very happy when we were back home.  Yesterday was a trip to the groomer.  They said she was a good girl. Attached are a couple post bath photo’s of Marie and one with her and her new sister Katie.  I had a leash on Marie when I first introduced them off lead in case I needed to pull one away quickly.  Katie grabbed the lead from me and starting “walking” Marie around the yard as if to show her all the cool spots.  I wish I could have captured it on video.  It was priceless. Thanks again to everyone that played a part in saving Marie.  She is home now and is fitting in just fine. 🙂 Keep up the good fight.  Another one saved. Sharron

Rally To Rescue

Schutzhund USA

German Shepherd Dog Review

Honey Bear

“Honey Bear was dropped off at Oakland Animal Services. She was quite old and not in very good shape. Her eyes were sunken and dry and her fur was matted with dander. She also had a cyst with black discharge coming out of it. That is why I was so moved by the quiet strength and dignity that I saw in her eyes when I first met her.

When I kiss her face she gives me a gentle lick in return as if to say thank you. When I talk to her, if she is standing up, she often gives me a half wag of her tail. She is extremely smart and has adapted quickly to life on my small ranch. She mingles respectfully with the other dogs, cats, chickens, goats, and the rest of the ranch ‘hands’.
She is a picky eater but not in the way most people would think. She will eat a hotdog over imported chicken sausage dog food any time. I have never seen a self respecting ranch dog that did not like horse poop, and she is no exception. Honey has discovered that lying on your back in the sunshine and rolling back and forth is about as good as it gets. Honey has come home, to a veritable doggie paradise, and will live out her life here.”

Angel De San Martin

“Hi! My name is Angel and I am now safely with GSRNC. Even more importantly, I am at home with my new mom, Nicole. I’m still a bit confused by how this happened. All I know is that I found myself all alone in a rural area south of San Jose, with nothing to eat, nowhere comfortable to sleep, and without my people. I really don’t know how I got there but I know I was scared. Luckily, a very nice man from Animal Control gave me a ride to the shelter.

Although the shelter was kind of scary and noisy, it was warm and they fed me well. I waited patiently for my people to come get me, but nobody came. Then one day a nice lady came by, took me out into the play yard, played all sorts of weird games with me, and declared that I could come live with her friends. I was really happy with that because at the shelter I came down with a cough, and my arthritis was really beginning to hurt. The nice lady came back, took me to see a gentle doctor who was very easy to like, and then took me home with her. My cough got better, and my elbows stopped hurting so much. I wonder if those strange hard little pieces of food she gave me every day had something to do with it!

A couple of days later, I took a long car ride to meet my new mom. She is really cool. She knows just what I need, and she lives with two other people who really love me. They are all young and it makes me feel young again just being around them!

When I look back at the past few months, I think that I have ended up in the best place possible. I loved my other family, but this is just the cat’s meow! (oops, did I just say that?)”