Ice Princess T

She may be the Ice Princess, but she will melt your heart if you get to close.

Ice Princess T. is a happy, 6 yr old female who has something to say about everything. She talks all the time–to say hello–to make sure everyone knows she is there–to say hi to other dogs–or simply to hear herself talk. She does settle after abut 10 minutes.

She has a waggy tail, and is very interested in interacting with people. She likes to explore. She likes to go for walks. She likes to ride in the car.

Princess has a bit of a strange gait–seems to be something associated with the rear end. But there is no arthritis, her hips are super (especially for a GSD), she has good muscle mass, and her X-Rays of hips, knees, and spine revealed no obvious irregularities. We are still working on finding out what the cause of the strange gait is.

Stay tuned, but for now she is a level 2 dog in a foster home in the south Bay. She may end up as a Thulani dog or may go back into the regular program.

  1. Ice is so beautiful. Have you sent off for DM DNA test at There is mention of her having strange gait. Also I have heard I can donate equipment to you. Maybe even an unopened still sealed jar of Tylan used to treat some stomach/GI issues. I have an Eddie’s wheels I am looking to donate. My recently lost my GSD, Blade to DM. If you could use az wheelchair I would be more than happy for you to have it. I can’t pay for shipping. That is $99.00. I still have original box. It was only used 5 times. Blade did not like the Eddie’s. I had to obtain a Doggon Wheels which he used for 9 months. I can’t give that up yet. Please let me know more about Ice.

    Thank you
    Gwen Watson

    • Hi Gwen,

      You have my deepest sympathies for your loss of Blade. I have been through that and it it the worst way to lose a dog.

      Thank you so much for contacting us about Ice Princess and your generous offer to donate to the Thulani Program. Princess is about 6 yrs old and I have watched her now for nearly two weeks. I am pretty well convinced that she is in the onset stages of DM, but confirmation is very difficult, as you well know. Her hip, spine, and knee X-Rays all look normal to excellent, with no arthritis evident. And her muscle mass is good, at least for now.

      I have never tried the DNA test but I might just try it on Princess. I have heard positive reviews about it from vets I trust.

      As far as your generous offer to donate, where do you Live? I have four wheel chairs that have been donate, so I am not in desperate need, but would surely accept your donation if I can find a way of getting it to me with paying the $100 shipping. I do use Tylan at times, along with a whole lot of other meds that have been donated.

      Again, thank you and please stay in contact with the Thulani Program website. The program is expanding rapidly and we are doing some exciting things,

      Bob Jachens
      Coordinator, Thulani Program

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