Janie T

Janie T is a Thulani dog rescued from a junkyard situation in San Francisco by a San Francisco resident, taken in by the San Francisco Animal Care and Control, and adopted out to us on 1/28/12.  She was depressed, lethargic, and had a distended abdomen on intake.

Medical tests revealed that Janie has an enlarged heart and a hole connecting the left and right chambers of her heart.  We are exploring possible remedies at the Veterinary School at UC Davis, but the prognosis is not good.

Janie is a confident, friendly, somewhat pushy little girl who runs right up to new people and dogs, and says–here I am.  She met her four new fur sibs and immediately fit into the pack by asking everyone to play.  She is a bit mouthy and assertive, but nothing out of the ordinary for a pup her age.  She already has learned from the female Golden Retriever where the term ‘bitch’ comes from, has discovered that the male Golden/Border Collie mix is a neat guy except when he has a treasure that he considers his, and that her big brother GSD Kobuk knows all the greatest Shepherd games and will teach them to her whenever she wants.

Janie is now in her forever foster home and will live out her life in love and comfort, for however long that might be.

  1. Jayne is now living with her new family in Menlo Park. She is settling in nicely and adores her new older brother Rex. Rex has been a good teacher for her and she is learning how to sit, stay and wait patiently for her food.

  2. So glad that she and Rex are getting along. Give her a hug for me.

  3. We have now had Jayne for almost a month now. We all love her so much! She is so sweet and loving. Rex and Jayne are best buddies and he adores her although she does surprise attack him and take the stuffed squirrel. My son, Cole, has nicknamed her JTF which stands for Jayne the Fighter which fits her appropriately. We are so lucky to have her in our lives.

  4. Today, our family has made it official….we have adopted Jayne! She is now in her forever home and we cherish each day we have with her! We are so lucky to have her in our lives.

  5. Congratulations Susan, Sarah, Rex and the rest of the Preston family. Janie hit the jackpot with you guys, especially the tolerant Mr Rex who lets her be a twit with his stuffed squirrel. Janie is very smart and knows a lot of obedience even though she will claim she does not. Just don’t fall for those soulful eyes when she claims sh does not know what you are asking. Enjoy her!!!

  6. Jayne has been thriving in her now home. Rex takes such good care of her and it is a joy to watch the two of them play in the backyard. Both dogs get their daily 4 mile walk and a couple of other short walks. Jayne has decided that it is her mission to wake me on the mornings when I can sleep in past 5. Her jump into bed and kisses is enough to wake anyone. Sarah and Cole adore her and Cole has found her smile spot. Quite amusing to see her smiling when he scratches her just right. We are thankful for each day with have with her. Thanks Bob for all you do for the Thulani program!

  7. Jayne has been with us since January now. Today we took Jayne and her best buddy Rex to the beach to play. What a beautiful to sight to see the two dogs playing at the waters edge. Cole and Sarah had as much as the dogs. Yesterday, Cole found out that Jayne loves chasing a tennis ball and even understands the command “drop it.” Each day we have Jayne we are thankful and so is her best buddy, Rex.

  8. Did she actually go into the water? This was probably a totally new experience for her unless you had taken her to the beach before. She never got there when she lived with us.

    Lucky, lucky Jayne–please give her a hug from Bob, Karen, Kobuk, Wyatt, Gayla, and Elkhorn.

  9. Susan Preston

    Yes, Jayne actually went in the water since Rex went in. She was a little timid at first but seemed to like playing in the shallow parts. Loved running through the waters edge! She is quite a character and her personality continues to evolve. We have a new game…I hid and she seeks me out. Quite amusing when she can’t find me! See everyone at Saturday with Jayne in tow in Redwood City! Got goodies too!

  10. Susan Preston

    Another month with our lovely Jayne T. She continues to amaze us with her ever growing personality. I gave her a squeak toy yesterday of a dolphin and was surprised to see how much she enjoyed playing with it. Cole and I just sat in the backyard and watched her toss the dolphin around. Rex enjoyed the show too! You would never know that her heart doesn’t function correctly and I don’t think she even realizes she has a heart condition. Thank you again for saving her and allowing us to have her be a part of our lives.

    • Keep the wonderful news flowing, and keep enjoying that fabulous little girl. We remember her fondly from when she lived with us. Bob

  11. Susan Preston

    Tomorrow is June 1st and Jayne is thriving with her pal Rex. Cole bought her a red dragon filled with squeakers. She loves the dragon and loves when Cole plays with her. Their tug of war games are amusing and we find ourselves laughing at the two of them. Jayne’s heath still seems stable and she is going strong. Jayne sends her kisses to everyone who has helped her in her young life.

  12. Thanks for the heartfelt update, Susan and family. My wife’s first response was “Hey, I want a red dragon”. Tell Cole and the rest of your family that Jayne still is in our hearts, but she is in heaven with you guys.

  13. Susan Preston

    Today is Monday, June 17th and Jayne has new friends from Holland. We are hosting two professional soccer coaches from Holland who arrived on Saturday. Sarah and Cole are enjoying the coaches (6th year) and it appears that Jayne has found a new sport! At first, Jayne was your typical guard dog letting them know who was boss. On Sunday, we all learned that Jayne knew how to play soccer. One coach wants to take her back with him to put on his team as a defender. Yes, no one can get down the field to score with Jayne defending. Not sure where she learned her foot skills but they are quite awesome. She has even learned how to head the ball. For a dog with a heart condition, Jayne is quite amazing! It seems like her personality continues to blossom! Thank you again for saving such a precious animal and for allowing her to become a part of our family.

  14. Susan Preston

    Yesterday was 4th of July and Jayne couldn’t have cared less. The loud pops didn’t bother in her the least. I guess an afternoon of soccer with Cole and her Dutch friend, David, left her pooped out. With Jayne by his side, Rex was much calmer this year as the fireworks were launched. Each day we look at our beautiful girl and know we have been given a wonderful gift.

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