Rogan T.

Rogan_5537Big, goofy, loveable Rogan watched Camarillo disappear in the rear-view mirror, and shed not a single tear.  Rogan had been badly neglected before he was picked up as a stray, and while it may have affected his coat and his weight, it did not change his sunny personality.  He is a wonderful snuggler, with a tongue that seems capable of covering your entire face.  But when he licks you, his depth perception often seems to be lacking, and you could easily end up with a broken nose if you are not careful.  He is a handsome boy with one charismatic ear.

Rogan_5530Rogan is really excited about going for walks, and will rapidly circle you 7 or 8 times before he finally burns off the initial energy surge, but then settles in for a steady but enthusiastic walk.  But the most fascinating characteristic is his fanatical love for my van.  When we return for any walk, all he wants to do is climb into the van and snuggle down into the pads.  He is totally content to be there until the net walk.

His house manners are superb, he is house trained, and he sleeps quietly on a pad next to the be, or in a crate, which he loves.  Rogan will make some family a wonderful addition.

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