Scout Finch

Little Scout Finch was picked up as a stray in Oakland just after Christmas.  She is as cute as can be, happy and very social.  She came to us when she was about 10 weeks old.

Within days of coming into the program, Scout began vomiting her food. After consulting with two vets, we’ve determined she has megaesophogus; due to her age, we know that her medical condition is a birth defect, and she doesn’t have long to live.  But, while she is with GSRNC, she is in the Thulani Program, where she will receive all the love and care she so deserves until she is no longer happy and playful.

Scout is living in Oakland in her furever home with her very nurturing mom, two other dogs and a kitty.  Mom reports that Scout is happy and outgoing and playful and super social with everyone and every thing.

Thank you to the GSRNC Thulani Program for  providing hospice care for Scout.

  1. don’t think that mega- is an immediate death sentence like I did. I adopted Kody (previously known as Moe) from German Shep Rescue of No. Calif. in 2003. In 2008 he was diagnosed with Mega-e. He lived with this condition for 5 years-almost unheard of. He was such a sweet dog that I didn’t mind doing all that it took to keep him healthy. Everything he ate went into the Quisinart 4 times a day. He died 7 months ago (March 2013) due to a ligament issue that could not be operated on due to his mega-e condition. I miss him every day. Karen Nelson, Sacramento, CA

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