Roscoe T.

Roscoe_T_0028Regal Sir Roscoe T. has just joined the Thulani Program. I have been in the GSD rescue business for more than 10 years, and rarely have I seen a dog as wonderful as Roscoe. He is calm, confident, poised, at ease, and affectionate. He is totally comfortable within himself and it shows. And he is drop-dead handsome. Roscoe is said to be 13.5 years old, but the vet had a hard time believing that.

He loves people, is great with kids, marvelous with other dogs, and he bonds quickly. He rides well in the car, wants to be around his people, and lays quietly at your feet as you work. He will pick up a ball and mouth it, talking the whole time. In fact, he talks quite a bit when interacting with people, not barking, but talking. He is not fond of cats and so should not live with a cat.

Roscoe_T_0033Roscoe came to us as an ‘Owner Surrender’ when his owner skipped town, leaving Roscoe abandoned until the son took him in. But the son’s house is too active and rambunctious for Roscoe, so fearing that Roscoe might get hurt, the son turned him over to us.

Roscoe is in good health except that he has a weak rear end, not unusual for a GSD his age. But it does cause him some trouble when walking, of course not enough to discourage him from taking short walks.

Roscoe needs a forever foster home where he can live out his quality life in warmth and love. His quality life is likely to be on the order of 6-12 months, but these guys always fool me. He needs a home with no more than 3-4 stairs to get places he needs to get to. But he handles them well. He can be with another dog (and is now living with four other dogs), but he really wants human(s) to be with and focus on. Being a Thulani dog, the program will cover all his medical and other costs for as long as he lives.

If you are possibly interested in providing Roscoe a home, please contact Bob at

  1. Hi, Thanks for asking.

    Both Roscoe T. and Red Max T. are in the permanent foster homes in the Thulani Program, so they are both safe and happy for the rest of their lives.

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