Rosemary T..

Rosemary T is a petite, soft, loving German Shepherd that was found wandering the streets of Fremont.  She was found by a local citizen and taken to an emergency veterinary clinic because it was thought she was injured.  Luckily, she is healthy but 12-13 years old, and showing the signs of age.  And she obviously has been neglected, is emaciated, has difficulty walking due to an old injury, and has a soft-tissue tumor on one leg.  She obviously did not wander far in her condition, but she was not reclaimed at the shelter.

The technician at the emergency clinic fell in love with Rosemary, named her, and contacted us with a heartfelt plea to save her.  After finding out who she was, we brought her into the Thulani Program.

She is a doll.  She is alert, engaged, adventuresome (at least when she gets her legs firmly planted under her), has a great appetite, and loves to be brushed.  She is quiet and relaxed when left alone.

Rosemary wants little more than love, a warm place to lie, a cushy pad, and good food.  And our special Thulani Program fosterers Mary Louise Snedden and Patty Lacy will do just that for her.

Welcome, Rosemary!  May your final chapter be as good as you can imagine.

  1. annhetherton

    Welcome beautiful Lady Rosemary!

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