During our initial phase of the Thulani Program, we have been extremely fortunate in receiving generous donations from a number of caring contributors, including substantial support from the Grey Muzzle Organization.

These have allowed us to satisfy all necessary food, medical, and physical requirements of the modest number of dogs that have been brought into the Thulani Program so far.  But now we are launching an aggressive, focused effort to greatly expand the region from which we will bring dogs into the Thulani Program.

In the past we have concentrated on the shelters in the greater San Francisco Bay region, but our present goal is to cover all of California and Nevada by the end of 2012.  We project that the annual number of dogs will likely triple once the expansion is in place, and early indications (we already have brought in five dogs during the past month with another waiting to be evaluated) are that our projection may underestimate the number of dogs that will need or help.

As a result, this year we will need a lot more money than we have needed in the past in order to maintain our anticipated operations.

If you are sympathetic to the goals of the Thulani Program and have the wherewithal to do so, please consider making a contribution to the Thulani Program Fund.

To donate by credit card, please go to GSRNC/Donate and follow the instructions.  When you come to the section that asks you to review your donation information, click on review, then on ‘Name of the Dog You Want to Sponsor’.  In the text box, enter either 1. the name of a Thulani Program dog you would like to sponsor, or 2. simply enter Thulani Program dog.

To donate cash or by check, please send donation to:

GSRNC/Thulani Fund
PO Box 1930
Cupertino, CA 95015

Having trouble?  Please contact us at

*EIN #52-2331060

  1. The “donate” link above does not work for me

  2. I’m sorry the link is a problem, Nora. We will be in contact with you shortly to try to sort out the problem.

    Bob Jachens
    Coordinator, The Thulani Program

  3. I was honoring a pledge that I made but, there wasn’t a place to put the dog’s name in. The dog’s name was SHAGGY.

    • Dear Kathy, Thank you very much for your donation to Shaggy and his welfare. We will make very good use of your generous contribution.

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