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The Thulani Program is part of German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California and is completely staffed by volunteers.  100% of all donations to the Thulan Program go directly to help the dogs in this hospice sanctuary program.  The funds are used to cover the following kinds of expenditures:

  1. Routine veterinary visits
  2. Emergency veterinary visits
  3. Medical tests and evaluations
  4. Medications to insure comfort and quality of life
  5. Food
  6. Orthopedic pads
  7. Toys and treats
  8. Other incidental expenses incurred by the foster home
  9. Euthanasia costs when there is no quality life left

All Thulani Program dogs live out their lives in a warm and loving environment in their forever foster home.  These wonderful foster homes provide the love and attention while the Thulani Program covers all out-of-pocket expenses.  The only monetary expenses for which the foster homes are responsible are those they choose to assume.  To date, the average cost per dog has been about $550, but we anticipate that realistically, we will need at least $600 – $700 per dog over the long term, and $750 or more for the senior dogs.

German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California is a 501 C(3) Non-Profit Organization*, thus all donations to the Thulani Program are tax-deductible.

To donate by credit card, please go to GSRNC/Donate and follow the instructions.  When you come to the section that asks you to review your donation information, click on review, then on ‘Name of the Dog You Want to Sponsor’.  In the text box, enter either 1. the name of a Thulani Program dog you would like to sponsor, or 2. simply enter Thulani Program dog.

To donate cash or by check, please send donation to:

GSRNC/Thulani Fund
PO Box 1930
Cupertino, CA 95015

Having trouble?  Please contact us at

*EIN #52-2331060

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