Join Us

•    If you have a love for German Shepherds
•    If you have a passion for rescuing animals in need
•    If you especially are drawn to the plight of the most vulnerable of the rescue community, the terminally ill or the extremely old
•    If you are willing to work rather than simply talk about your passion

then we would like to offer you the opportunity to join us in the Thulani Program.

In strolling through this site, you will have seen that our ‘shakedown cruise’ with the Thulani Program over the past 2.5 years has been a success, and that we are launching a targeted effort to expand significantly the geographic area from which we will accept dogs into the program.  We expect a large increase in the number of dogs during the next year.

This is an opportunity for you to get in on the ‘ground floor’ of an exciting, vibrant, worthwhile, and badly needed program that will make a huge difference.  We need motivated people with ideas, enthusiasm, and especially a deepseated empathy for the Thulani Dogs.

“I always wanted to do something more significant and more tangible to help animals. This program makes me feel like I’m really making a difference. And my foster is so wonderful, she’s worth it!”
Suzanne Wagner

Please see the pages below (Foster, Help Out) for some of the ways that you could get involved.  If after reading these, you still would like to consider joining us or wold like additional information, please contact me directly at

Bob Jachens
Coordinator, Thulani Hospice Program
German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California


  1. Luke when first seized by animal control
    READ BELOW. 11-13 YR SENIOR Luke at OC shelter has suffered too much in his life for far too long. He needs rescue and a RETIREMENT HOME where he can live the rest of his days safe, secure, valued and LOVED as part of a family for the rest of his days, something which he was denied for too long! Friends, please help me find that special situation for Luke – please pledge. If you are LOCAL and have it in your heart and can COMMIT to offering Luke the life he deserves FOR THE REST OF HIS DAYS -not a day, a week or a month-please step up for him now.

    This is a special post for a very special German Shepherd at OC shelter named Luke. Despite all odds (look through ENTIRE album), Luke’s will to live won out and he has recovered from the prolonged and severe neglect he obviously suffered over a period of YEARS. Now the shelter has reached out and asked for help in placing Luke in a wonderful situation so he NEVER has endure or suffer from neglect again. Luke was released from evidence by the D.A.’s office and needs rescue by AUGUST 27.
    For more information about Luke adoption partners PLEASE contact
    Katie Ingram
    Community Outreach Team Supervisor
    561 The City Drive South
    Orange, CA 92868

  2. Brigitte Lewis

    I may not be close to you guys bring in Ohio but I love what you are doing and would love to help any way I can from here. Please let me know what I can do. God bless you for the great, wonderful things you are don g doing for there beautiful animals.

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