Most of the German Shepherds we bring into the Thulani Program originate in Animal Shelters throughout our area of responsibility.  In order to reach these dogs in time to save them, the proactive cooperation of the shelters is absolutely essential.  We can honestly say that the shelters we have dealt with so far have been wonderful and obviously filled with very caring staff.  A few of them stand out as being exceptionally diligent in working with us, and we would like to acknowledge them here.

City of Oakland Animal Shelter
Oakland, CA

City of Salinas Animal Shelter
Salinas, CA
Staff:  Rayne, Cindy

Monterey County Animal Services
Salinas, CA
Staff:  Barbara, Barbara, Patty, Joanie

San Francisco Animal Care and Control
San Francisco, CA
Staff:  Eric, Orlando, Mara, Martha, Linda, Nakisha, Jay, Michael

San Jose AnimalCare Center
San Jose, CA
Staff:  Staycee, Kelly, Ameena, Monte, Hillary

Santa Cruz Animal Services
Santa Cruz, CA
Staff:  Jenny

South County Animal Shelter
San Martin, CA
Staff:  Brigid

Tri-City Animal Shelter
Fremont, CA
Staff: Jennifer, Linda

Yolo County Animal Shelter
Woodland, CA
Staff: Angela,

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