Duke of the Great Basin




Duke passed over the rainbow bridge this morning at the grand age of 13.  He went peacefully in the backyard with us there to comfort him.

009Duke’s favorite time of the day was early evening when he would sit in the front yard on  ‘guard duty.’   Anyone who did not belong on his street was warned and many decided to take a different route rather than face the Wrath of Duke.   Little did they know that he was not able to chase them with his advanced Degenerative Myelopathy.  Despite his physical ailments he was very strong-hearted, loving and devoted.

As sad as it was to let him go, we have to remind ourselves that he gained 2 extras years that he probably would not have had if the Thulani program did not exist.

001-1Goodbye Duke, you will be missed greatly.

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  1. I am sorry for your loss but happy for him as he died loved and cared for, no human or dog can ask for more. How lucky you and he were to have the time. He is sure a beautiful boy!!!!

    Thanks for loving him.

  2. valerie Auerbach

    what a beautiful dog with so much expression in his face and body. The loving care he received from you shows through in these lovely photos. These days now are so filled with your memories of the relationship…how wonderful that is. And, inevitably, there is sadness at the huge sense of absence. Please know that your experience is honored. Valerie Auerbach 9/9/2013

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