Martin T (AKA Martin the cool)

Seven year-old Martin T came to us from the Palo Alto Animal Services shelter where he had been picked up as a stray.  He is a wonderful dog with a great personality, but had a GRADE 6 HEART MURMUR.  So we took him into the Thulani Program thinking that he had only a short time left to live, and we would make that time the best we could.

In his foster home, he immediately decided he was home.  He ran and played with his younger sister, slowly overcame his shyness with people, and turned warm and cuddly.  His foster mom loved the way he settled in.  After just a few weeks, it was as if he had always been there–running up and down the hills, jumping up the terraces, chewing on crates, and digesting a little bit of molding (to which his foster mom commented-“Oh, I have lots more”).

Previous travel plans interrupted his stay at the first foster home, so he moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains with two dog lovers, another fur sister, and a Dowager Queen he has learned to respect.  Honing his ‘fitting in’ skills, he settled in and quickly earned the characterization as unflappable.

Martin the Cool

But the best news of all is that after enjoying the good life in these two foster homes, a vet check revealed that his heart murmur is now a grade 2 and his prognosis is that once we remove a couple of bad teeth, Martin T is expected to live a long and normal life.  He will lose the ‘T’ in his name, but I am sure that is fine with him.
Good luck, Mr Martin!!!!

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