List of Donors

Our ability to save and care for Thulani Program dogs is made possible by the generous contributions from the following donors:

$0 – $99

Lindsey and Donna Alpers
Earth Angel
David Barkai
Bart Beeman
Dorothy and William Beers
Dean and Kathy Brazil
Dr Elneda Connor, DVM
Lee Cross
Christine Cummins
Dave Daniel
Dennis Dougherty
Deborah Duncan
Tera and Dave Ebert
Janet Feil
Allison and Brett Gainer
Douglas and Martha Green
Monique Hafrey
Pamela Hiserodt
Karen Hodapp
Lee and Sandra Hoge
Gregg and Leigh Jachens
Anna Jones
Jeanne Jones
Melvin and Sharon Koenig
Nancy Kramer
Kathy Lawless
John and Barbara Matthewson
Randy McNealy
Arnold and Pat Metcalf
Michael Obendorf
Sandra and Richard O’Leary
Neil Pereira
Christine Riesling
Tina Saxsenmeier
Joan Schaeffler
Martha Schwarz
Deborah Shiba
Lori Stellhorn
Sonia Taylor
Brent Thiese
Karen Tomhave
Marilyn Uribe
Patricia Vaughn
Dave Wiley
Magdalena Barbara Wolf
Jeri Young

$100 – $499

Heather Bakke
Rita and Robert Balliet
KC and Dale Blair
Greta Bogrow
Kristine Brown
Lani Christianson and John Humphries
Nora Chung
Perry and Carol Daniels
Manuela and Michael Darnall
Ursula and Daniel Devere
Jason and Jennifer Dunn
Mary Dyball
Lisa Eng-Beeman
Pauline Ennis
Kathy Feldman
Ancy Fletcher
Frank and Maureen Gamma
Juli Gumbiner
Ethan Henderson
Ann Hetherton
Jenny Horst and Sean Smith
Kris Jachens and Jonathan Gritzer
Deleta Jones
Doug and Meg Keller
Nancy and Richard Leasia
Janice Levin
Emilie Lose
Suzanne Mahoney
Rebecca and Sean Marvin
Darcy and Rick McPhee
William Moore
Kathy Norman
Maureen O’Neil
Sally Ouelette
Louise Pellerin
Nina Pereira
Reed Porter
Robert and Patricia Porter
Sherry Quinn
Ann and Richard Reduce
Richard and Judy Richmond
Robert Scarlett
Martha Schwarz
Christina Silkworth
Mary Sisto
Kathryn Springer
Morna Stephens
Gisela and Joe (Werner) Torres
Ron and Rose Towery
Wanda Wenman
Barbara Whitcomb

$500 – $999

Valerie Auerbach
Ann Bueno
Lexie Castaillac
Lori Clerkin
Gene and Barbara Croisant
Sharron Daniel
Brigitte and Bill Donner
Jennifer Handly and Nate McKittrick
Lynn and Don Jacobson
Caroline and Leonard Lepaine
Ginger Lev

Charles and Sandra Touchette
Linda and Perry Vartanian
Daya Vivek and Prahbu Raghavan
Erica and Loren Walden

$1000 – $5000

Annie Callaway
Don and Sharon Champness
Dr Ila and Eric Davis
Kay Diack
Bob and Ann Dreyfuss
Ron, Mary, and Annie Ham
Rob Holloway
Joan Hoover and Jim Rabjohn
Bob and Karen Jachens
Joan Lutz
Bob McLaughlin
Pat Skora
Dorothy Snow
Randi and Archie Snyder
Robert Taylor and Valerie Walthen
Stephen Yant


Grey Muzzle Organization

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