Frisco T.–A True Gentleman

Frisco at the ranch

Frisco at the ranch

Frisco T. is quite the ladies man. And he is quite the man’s man. In fact, this senior gentleman seems to be able to charm most creatures, especially people and dogs. It is even rumored that he has lived with a cat. His favorite way of greeting new people seems to be to run up and lick their faces if they are within range.

Frisco_T_0044Frisco is 12 years old but he carries his age well. He has no major health issues, and is always ready to go for a walk. He reportedly ha mild osteoarthritis but you have to look very carefully to see it in his walk. He has been following his foster dad all around the property as the yardwork progresses, always there to supervise, and to give his opinion.

Frisco T. came to the Thulani Program when his long-term owner ran into difficulties and had to move to the east coast and take on some very time-intensive jobs. He could not take Frisco with him, and made the painful decision to let us find him a wonderful home, which we will.

Ball Game

Ball Game

Frisco will make someone an incredibly loyal and loving companion. He wants nothing more than to hang out with his people, although he would be fine with another dog also. His house manners are superb, and his social skills are excellent. Whoever offers a home to Frisco will be getting a true jewel—the type of dog every one dreams of but not many actually get.

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