Stella T

Stella T is a fighter.  She ran feral for 4 months after someone dumped her near the Coyote Hills Regional Park, and was finally lured into a home in Union City, where she decided that life was a lot better there than running feral.

Stella is only about 4 years old but has a huge mammary tumor, which is probably why they dumped her, and it has metastasized into her lungs. So she does not have much longer to live, but she does not know that. She is lively, spunky, affectionate, and quite the social butterfly with people.  She is now in a foster home with one of our most experience people with feral dogs, so she has it made.  She now plays with her sister Ashley, but mostly enjoys playing the chase game with Wolfgang Trump, her puppy fur brother.   She really loves that game because she can really outrun him.  And she is experiencing all sorts of new things.  See the quote from her foster mom below:

“Stella had an outing this week. I took her to see Lillian instead of taking Ashley. She was perfect, a pseudo therapy dog. She gave Lillian some virtual cuddles with face sniffs and Lillian got to hold her face and kiss her which Ashley won’t allow.  Stella was perfectly behaved.  She settled in and laid down while Lillian and I visited. When we were leaving she got more cuddles from Lillian. So Stella worked a bit of magic in a home visit of sorts with Lillian. Lillian was fascinated by her story.

On the way home we went to Pet Club and she sniffed all the fun stuff.  She weighs 51 pounds. She was a bit tentative during her whole outing and the best part was when she came in and was welcomed by Ashley and then she and Wolfgang Trump went to romp as usual in the back yard. He was very glad to see Stella return to the pack. Stella naps in front of his crate a lot.

Thanks for sending me the gift of Stella Bella”

Ann Hetherton

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