Schagnar T.–Too Old? Not by a long shot!

Schagnar with fetch toy

Schagnar with fetch toy

Schagnar T. is a mild-mannered, easy-going senior gentleman that was surrendered to LA Co Carson Shelter because his owners said he was ‘too old’. (We are spaying and neutering the wrong species). Too old for what?  He is likely about 10 years old and in good health.

He is a delightful old man who is very friendly and social, is said to get along well with kids, is easy-going with other dogs, and generally is a pleasure to be around. He loves to play fetch, and his enthusiasm belies his age.  He know basic commands, and responds well to sit, down, and wait as long as you have something he wants, such as a toy to throw and fetch.

Schagnar and friend

Schagnar and friend

Schag has a mild skin condition, probably a flea allergy dermatitis, and is a bit weak in the rear end (but can still jump up into my van and can navigate a flight of stairs with no problem). So by Thulani Program standards, he is quite mobile and spry.

Schag is part of the Thulani Program, and as such, we are looking for a home in which he can live out his natural life. The Thulani Program will pay for all vet bills for Shaggy, and cover the other costs of providing him a loving home.

Schagnar_T_10435If you think you might be interested in providing a home for a delightful gentleman, please contact Bob at

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