The area for which German Shepherd Rescue of Northern California is responsible includes the greater San Francisco Bay region, the Fresno-Madera-Clovis area, and the Sacramento-Woodland-Davis area.  The regular volunteers of GSRNC are mindful of the Thulani Program, and are watchful for candidates for the Thulani Program as part of the regular activities.  But outside of our core areas, we are building a network dedicated volunteers who will serve as the eyes and ears of the Thulani Program, alerting us about possible candidate dogs, facilitating evaluations of those dogs, and acting as interfaces between the program personnel and the shelter staff.  At present, the following volunteers are representing the Thulani Program outside of core area:


Karen Barnes
Senior Rescue Volunteer
Los Angeles basin


Cheryl Belhasen
CAPA Volunteer
Lompoc Animal Shelter
Lompoc, CA

Donna Cocheran-Baker
Senior Rescue Volunteer
Central Nevada


Ellen Perryess
Rescue Coordinator
San Luis Obispo Co Animal Shelter



Michelle Rogers
Rescue Volunteer
Paso Robles, CA

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