Lucky? Indeed!

Back in June of 2012 Bob had 2 old gents rescued from southern California shelters by Karen Barnes and he asked me if I would take one.   He described them both and had pictures….something about Blackie caught my eye.

Bob arrived at my house with a skinny, dirty, old German shepherd, blind in one eye, cataract in the other, broken teeth, un-neutered and limping but with a tail going like a propeller… was love at first sight.

Lucky lounging_modIntroductions at my house went very well.  He was interested but polite to my muddled old dog Maddie and afraid of my very shy cat Pearl.   Then he was introduced to his new, big, comfy dog bed… aaaahhhh, he loves his bed

The next order of business was a bath which he endured with a wagging tail and a several well placed licks.

When I brought him to the vet she thought he might be older than 13.  She confirmed that he can only see light and dark with his right eye and has a cataract on his left eye (which would explain his bumping into things.)  He’s hard of hearing and has moderate to severe arthritis but Rimadyl makes a big difference.

I can only describe this boy as the happiest dog on 4 legs.   There is not a mean bone in his body.  Despite being dumped at the shelter with instructions to be put to sleep and literally rescued at the last minute he is in love with everyone.   He’s a leaner, a hugger and a licker.  To go with his new life I gave him a new name, he’s now Lucky as in Happy-go-Lucky.

Lucky Sit!_modLucky is extremely mannerly and well behaved.   When he arrived he knew sit, come, stay, down, speak and shake.   He knows not to get on the furniture and is completely house trained.   He loves car rides and the park.  He is very good on the leash, totting ahead but never pulling.   Once upon a time someone loved him and trained him well.

Lucky trotting_modHe has put on weight and now has a shiny coat.   He loves to eat and wakes me up every morning at 6:00 for breakfast (sometimes at 5:00).   He greets me at the door every night ready for dinner and a walk.   I can’t get his leash on or the door open fast enough.   He bursts out of the door trotting ahead of me the whole way sniffing everything and greeting everyone like long lost friends.

Lucky is such a gem.   I am so grateful to Bob and Karen for rescuing him and giving him a second chance.   Most dogs his age and in his condition wouldn’t have gotten a second look but thanks to Thulani, Lucky and I get to enjoy his golden years together.

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