Blaze T.: Another Super Dog Escapes From The Downey Shelter

Blaze T. is another casualty of the Downey region of southern California, but a real find for us.  Blaze was left at the Downey shelter with instructions to euthanize her and a claim that she was 14 years old.  But the guardian angel of the Thulani Program in the LA Basin would have none of it, and pulled Blaze into the program

Free! Free! Free!


Blaze is a spectacular dog, probably only about 10 years old, very beautiful, and possessing a loving soft personality.  She is wonderful with people (will wiggle into your lap to make sure you keep petting her and not get up, or will deliberately block your walking path and lean against you in order to get petted).  She is very social and easy with other dogs.  She has no significant health issues (the vet says her ears are perfect–have you ever encountered that in a rescue GSD?).

This sure is a lot better than where I was


We have picked out a very special home for Blaze to spend the rest of her life, one that will dote over her as she deserves.  We will be meeting the family–two legged and four legged, in a couple of days.  Keep you fingers crossed, because this is a girl who deserves the best.  I just love the way she tells me that i am the most wonderful person on the planet.

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