Darby T.

Darby T was obviously a breeder dog for slime-ball backyarder.  When she got old and developed cancer, well tough luck lady, its off to the stainless steel table in the Kern Co Shelter.  Carl S. in Sacramento took up her cause, and remembered seeing the story in the Sacramento local paper about the Thulani Program.  He posted Darby’s case on the GSRNC Facebook page, and contacted me asking whether we could help.  With logistics help from Karen P of Sonoma and transport help from Kris, Darby arrived all ready to start the next and happier chapter of her life.

Darby T.

Darby loves people and loves to go for walks.  I don’t even have her on lead when i walk my property, she follows me everywhere.  She trotted back and forth, back and forth, while I as assembling the kennel run for Koby, always making sure that I was doing it correctly.  Today she got a bath and was a real trooper about it.  Will probably take one more to get her civilized, but she is MUCH better now.  She is an absolute love and a very gentle soul.

Darby T.

Darby is a real keeper. She is about to embark on her new adventure  Wish her luck!!!

  1. What a precious girl. Thank you so much Bob Jachens, and all of you in Thulani, for helping Darby T. have a few months with decent humans, knowing love, security, gentleness and comfort, finally.

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