Red Max T.

REd_Max_Sally_headsRed Max, you were treated unfairly by your former owners, but the Thulani Program volunteers will make sure that the next chapter in your life is as good as we can make it.  Welcome Home, Max, and thanks for coming to stay with us.

Red Max was found along a deserted road in rural Santa Barbara County, a stretch of road well know to Animal Control as a dumping ground for pets.  Why anyone would dump this fine gentleman, other than the fact that he is old, is utterly beyond me.  He is a real smoocher, leaner, and all round friendly guy.  And he is handsome.

Red Max was saved by A?C volunteers–it was indeed his lucky day because the shelter was not going to put him up for adoption.

Red_Max_Sally_5552Max loves to go for walks, and he takes a good walk, with lots of sniffing.  He does tire fairly quickly, and he can get a bit wobbly in his rear end.  But he literally takes it all in stride.  Max is very easy with other dogs, big and small, and he even walks by chickens without so much as an intense look.  We have not seen him with cats yet, but the betting line would be that he is OK with them.

We will watch Max for a bit longer, and then place him in his forever foster home.

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