Help Out

The Thulani Program is in the initial stages of its major expansion.  We need to fill positions with committed, energetic, self-motivated people.  If you are intrigued by the prospect of helping to build the Thuani Program into a regional force for the benefit of German Shepherds needing hospice sanctuary care, or if you simply want more information about the Thulani Program, please contact me directly at  The work is not always easy or enjoyable, but the rewards can be enormous.

“I can’t thank you enough for all the opportunities you have given me in rescue. The things I have been blessed to experience make me feel so fortunate. These animals have given me so much unconditional love and a true perspective check. Aren’t we lucky.”
Ann Hetherton

First and foremost, we need foster homes willing to take in Thulani Dogs for the remainder of their lives (foster).  The other types of positions that we are looking to fill include:
•    Steering committee members
•    Dog procurement
⁃–   locating, contacting, and evaluating potential Thulani Dogs
⁃—–   shelters
⁃—-    vet hospitals
⁃—-    social media
⁃—–   others
•    Foster recruitment and support/maintenance
•    Fund raising
⁃–    individual
⁃–    corporate
⁃–     grant-writing
•    Social media exposure
•    Press relations/publicity
•    Outreach

  1. coette Sckhmidt

    Where are you based/located? Some of us may like to help and/or donate.

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