The Perfect Home For Fiona T.

Fiona Smiling

Fiona Smiling

Imagine that you are getting on in years, that your former family did not take very good care of you, that you have the various bumps and lumps that come along in the golden years, and that you have a few special medical issues as well.  What would be the ideal home for you?

How about with a foster mom who is also a Vet student at the UC Davis Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  Well that is where Fiona T. now lives, with Kaylee S. and  her fur-sister Marta.  Read below in Kaylee’s own words how Fiona is getting along.  What a wonderful story!!


Miss Fiona:

Fiona--After 6 Months of TLC

Fiona–After 8 Months of TLC

Fiona came to us (my 6 year old Aussie and myself) in October of last year as a tired, heavily flea allergic and malnourished yet dignified ancient with a sweet but worn face and largely absent hair coat.  A short 8 months, some serious TLC and a little patience later she is a lively old gal with the sweetest face and the most pleasing temperament any foster mom could ask for.

Love the Outdoors

Love the Outdoors

She can’t stick with Marta and myself on long hikes, but we take strolls along a nearby creek, go home and visit my mother on the family farm where she finds the horses, pigs and cats incredibly fascinating and roams about making sure everything is as it should be, and sleeps snug & sound by the head of my bed where she can snuff my fingers if they peek over the edge.

Life is Good

Life is Good

She now has a full, healthy, shiny coat, regularly manicured nails and definite sparkle in her eye despite the ravages of time.  She has been a true joy and credit to the program.

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  1. The Thulani dogs have allowed me to meet the most caring, generous, thoughtful people I could ever wish to meet. Thank you so much for understanding how these dogs transform themselves and their permanent foster parents.

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