Laird T.: Thulani Will Comfort You


Laird T. Relaxing

Laird T. was dropped off by his owners at the Castaic Shelter in southern California with a request to euthanize him.  They said he had cancer (lymphosarcoma, stage 3) and had only a month to live according to their vet.  They were offered a voucher to have him euthanized by their vet, but they declined.

Laird and Karen

Laird and Karen

Laird has been eating well, walks well, and has been quite energetic.  On the surface, he appears to be asymptomatic at this time, but we have not observed him for very long.

For now it appears that Laird T. has some good life left to him, but we do not know how much.  Based on his vet visit today, we are optimistic that we can give him some good quality life with the help of medications.  This we will do.

Laird_T_laughingLaird T. is part of our Thulani Program, and as such, he will live out what quality life he has left as a permanent hospice dog. Laird T. will need an especially dedicated foster family, one that emotionally is very strong.  If you are interested in learning more about Laird T. or possibly giving him a loving final chapter, please contact Bob at

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  1. Bless you for helping him! He deserves all the TLC possible. His spirit will be forever grateful for your kindness!

  2. alessandra McCord

    Has laird found a foster home yet? How is he doing? Bless his heart and yours for helping him.

    • Hi Alassandra,
      Tthank you for asking about this special boy, and no, he has not found his forever foster home yet. We are still working on stabilizing his meds. If you would like to learn more, e-mail Bob at

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